4 simple steps to apply a Deewarist car sticker

  1. Lay down the sticker on a flat surfaceDeewarist Car Sticker Application - 1


2. Remove the white sheet while ensuring the design remains on the semi-transparent paperCar Sticker Application - 2


3. Go INSIDE the car and apply the design along with the semi-transparent paper marked ‘R’  on the right hand side

Car Sticker Application - 3


4. Remove the transparent paper for the design to remain on the glass

Car sticker Application - 4


5. Final Result

Car Sticker Application - Final Result

Decals vs wallpapers. How are they different?

Choose the right wall makeover with these handy tips:

Wall decals and wallpapers offer different solutions & fulfil different purposes when it comes to your wall decor. Here are some of the key differences to keep in mind when you plan that next home make-over

  1. Purpose: a wallpaper as the name suggest, covers your entire wall. A wall decal on the other hand covers only the design area & the rest is your actual wall. In case you want to highlight a particular wall aesthetically and not cover it entirely, then wall decal is your go-to-option. On other hand, if you want to cover the wall, then wallpaper would suit your requirement better

Deewarist-Lord Shiva


  1. Size: Basis the size of the wall, you can decide the size of a decal that highlights your wall perfectly. You can choose from small, medium, large sizes to get that perfect look for your wall. Again in the case of a wallpaper you would need to go in for covering the entire wall. also, if there are spaces above tables & book shelves that you need to make-over, then a simple wall decal can be used to highlight them than going in for the entire wall.




  1. Cost-effective: With customization, you can now keep the cost under control by choosing the exact size of the decal which suits your wall. In case you are looking for the ideal proportion, Just take the measurement of your wall & choose not to cover more than 50% of the area in width or height (whichever is higher)


  1. Application: You can be an active participant in your home makeover with wall decals & its easy to apply technique. Moreover, in case of decals with individual elements (such as leaves or flowers) you can choose to place them as per your choice depending on how you want your kids room or living room to look like. Thus, giving you greater control.

Deewarist-Kids Room


  1. Customization: In the case of a wall decal, you can team it up with wall clocks, wall arts, frames & other elements. So, the design would actually amalgamate beautifully with the wall and also act from a utility perspective when it comes to the overall theme of the wall.



So, there you are. How your wall decals are different from wallpapers. Got anything more to add? Do leave your feedback/notes in the comments section below

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5 places in your home where you can apply decals

Decals though popular with walls can be applied on other areas of the home as well. Here are some places which will accommodate your decal just fine.

  1. Wardrobes-Your wardrobe doors can also double up as a good surface for wall decals. Ensure that the surface is smooth & if there are any gaps in between the doors, you can plan your decal around it. In such cases, you can go with designs with individual elements  as they can occupy the entire area yet a set pattern need not be followed for them.


Below are some ideas of flowing petals decals and butterfly stickers that can be placed individually on your wardrobe you can style it as per your style & requirement

Flowing petals flower decal

Flower butterfly Decal


2. Glass

Glass brings in its own unique style when it comes to decals. The transparency of the material coupled with the stickers gives it’s a unique highlight & is sure to grab eye-balls. They provide an exquisite look to your glass yet are easy on your pocket. Again the idea here is not to cover the glass completely so go for a design that allows light to pass as it provides its distinct style to the design. So, be it partitions or doors to the balcony you cannot go wrong with these.

Free birds


3. Wooden Doors

Your doors can be excellent for wall decals too. Be it a teenager room, kids room or the master bedroom, if you are setting a theme for the room, doors can be an excellent avenue to start off & set the mood for the room. Here too just like wardrobes you would need to take care of partitions if any. This is to ensure that the design doesn’t hit any bumps & across as seamless.



4. Mirrors

In case your rooms have big mirrors, you can use the borders to give it the essence of the room. The options available here are endless with choosing from border patterns to colourful butterflies to motivational quotes decals. You can also go for customization with your name designed in a pattern matching the interiors of the room



5. Walls

Saving the best for the last. Wall decals are ideal for those who don’t want to cover up the entire wall (say wallpapers) but don’t want to leave it completely blank either. You can also team it up with clocks to provide that extra ‘wow’ element. With a wide range of themes from spiritual to sports to music, they will surely leave you spoilt for choice.



Want to read more? Check out www.deewarist.com/blog

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How Wall arts can transform boring spaces

Below are five ways how you can liven up boring spaces with wall arts

Illusions Wall arts
Illusion is the best way tricks the human eye. Here, you can choose a contrast color to your wall, preferably black to create a shadow effect. It can range from someone peeping out to half a door open to a mouse hole. If you don’t mind experimenting, these are sure to make your walls look intriguing yet lively. The material used here is vinyl & as they are only .5mm in thinness, they add to element of surprise in the design.

Vinyl Decal Door sticker

Mouse Door Decal

Switchboard decals – You can never go wrong with these wall arts. Economical & easy on your pocket, these are sure to bring a smile on your face. They are also available in glow in dark option. This can be easier for you to locate the switch when you enter the room. No wonder, it’s a hit with adults & Kids alike.

cute puppies

panda switchboard decal

Acrylic clocks – They give an embossed effect on the wall & give a beautiful feel to the viewer. Unlike your traditional clocks they not only provide the utility of time display but also double up as a highlight for your wall which is sure to make your guests go wow.

acrylic Butterfly Clock

Clock & Decal wall art – Imagine a design that lists out all your food elements & doubles up as a clock. This is just one of the possibilities when it comes to artistic rendition of clocks. Another way of going about this would be planning a theme for the room, this may be a design or a quote & choosing a clock to go with the mood of the design

Food Clock Decal


Acrylic wall arts – If you love both acrylic & decals, you are in luck. Acrylic wall art takes the best of both these worlds to give you a unique wall decor option. You can choose from your favourite celebrities & characters & the possibilities are limitless. The acrylic provides a unique shine to the design & the vinyl & acrylic combine to create a visual that can only be experienced not explained.


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How Wall Decals can solve daily problems

Wall decals do more than just decorate your walls. They can be a game-changer for you. Here’s How:

  1. They come to your rescue in your darkest fearsBat Signal Decal

If this symbol can provided hope to an entire city of Gotham mind you which was plagued with the Likes of Joker, bane, Two-face, Poison Ivy & Mr. Freeze, surely it can provide you solace when you happen to wake up in the middle of the night. What’s more it can also guide you to hit the right button to the washroom in case the nightmare was too much for the bladder


  1. They help you impress your love interest

What better way to impress your lady love than the beast on wheels? (If you are the intellectual types, refer point no. 4). And considering the modern times, even if we manage to grab one, where is the parking space to show it off. Here wall decals come to your rescue. It’s easy on your space & your pocket. (oh wait! If you haven’t impressed her yet, how can you bring her home? Didn’t think this through)



  1. They help settle lover’s quarrels

Mr. Right Mrs. always Right Decal

If you are a guy reading this, then yes you might be right in your quarrel but there is no way you come out as a winner so why bother? And if you are a girl reading this, then you have already won. It’s better to have the writing on the wall so that the next time you fight, you can have a ready reference to resolve the fight. As the saying goes ‘Jeene ke hain 4 din’. Why waste it fighting?

  1. They make you seem well-read

Book shelf Decal

Be that mysterious person to your visitors. With these designs you can not only show your interest in books but also avoid those awkward conversations around your choice of reading which might ruin those years of friendship. Moreover, here you can make up books on to go to keep the conversation interesting unlike a real book shelf which leaves you like an open book (pun-intended)


  1. They give you the perfect start for the day

Sunrise decal

Let’s face it. In today’s busy times, you can hardly manage to get up on time, let alone watch the sun rise. With wall decals like this, you can always wake up to a perfect sunrise & give your day that perfect start. So set those alarm clocks off as we have got you covered.


Note: the above are the ramblings of an over-worked writer. Pls do not take them as a yardstick for any change you want to bring about in your life (except the Mr. Right & Mrs. Always Right one, that always works)


7 ways Wall Decals inspire you

Every home has its uniqueness. and with wall decals, you also explore your unique side. Here’s how:



  1. Sense of accomplishment – Wall decals engages you from the beginning. Compared to the regular home decor products that you adorn your place with, It’s the entire process of getting familiarized with the application, planning & applying it & in the end removing the transfer tape to reveal the design that makes it all the more personal & forms a connect with the owner. The entire process leaves you with a sense of accomplishment & achievement

2. It gives a form to your expression – Homes do talk about the kind of people who live in them & wall decals provide a medium to express your interests. Be it a music Lover, animal enthusiast, spiritual explorer or quirky buff; now you got a medium to express your thoughts, an avenue to give a glimpse into your own self. What’s more they can be good conversation starters too.

3. Transformation of your walls – Well, coming to the most obvious. It does transform your walls without being heavy on your pocket. Without the need to cover the entire wall, like a wallpaper, you can choose on the cost, colors, size, design theme without needing any expert opinion & give the walls a look that’s special to you.

4.The magic of colors – Colors can be a mood changer. Choosing the right kind of colors of plate can:

control your eating habits,

looking at bright colors can pep up your spirits,

and wearing the right colors can make you look those few pounds lighter.

Colorful wall decals are a welcome change as they do not only come across as a pleasant sight but also are any day better than the plain-Jane walls

5. Let’s be kids again – Remember the time when messing with walls was forbidden. Well technology & art has made massive leaps from that time, wherein we can not only experiment with the walls without harming them but also try a variety of options (animal kingdom, alphabets, numbers). Wall decals not only help in making the wall look fun but also educative for young toddlers.

  1. Show your Love – For the romantic kinds (Even for the shy types) what better way to express your love to the special someone you have decided to spend your life with, than have their name locked with yours & spread on the walls for the world to see. If that’s too much, there are always small little switchboard designs you can go for. These are sure to bring a smile to their face every time they go for the light

7. Everybody is creative – It makes you realize everyone is creative & it’s not a domain for those who carry the ‘creative’ tag. In fact we have had customers from different walks of life sharing pictures of mixing up designs, colors & placement to come up with their own creation (boy, only if we could afford to hire them)

So, there it is. The above are our experiences basis interactions with customers. Do comment below to share any insights, experience you had with your first outing with wall arts.

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7 walls made famous by art of bollywood

Yes we love walls & who doesn’t love bollywood? We all want our walls to stand out but there are some walls that bollywood has made eternal. Here are some of them:

  1. Amiri garibi ki Deewar

ezgif.com-optimize (3)

Remember the ‘Rich guy, poor girl’ stories in the 90s? That amiri garibi ki deewar was brought down by the Hero every time that made us believe money doesn’t matter when it comes to love (of course something changed when we grew up J)


  1. Dushmani Ki Deewar


This Deewar was passed down from one generation to another which is ultimately brought down by girl and guy from either families who passionately fall in love with each other (don’t blame them, there was no tinder at that time)



  1. Bhaiyon ki Deewar

ezgif.com-optimize (4)

This might be caused due to a confusion, misplaced priorities or differences in life goals but again, like every Indian household, nothing that mom can’t resolve


  1. The climax wall

ezgif.com-optimize (1)

At the end, this one suffers everytime in the Hero vs Villain fight as the villain always finds a way to bash into it & break it into pieces. (ps: not good for decals.) ( Note to self: bad product placement)


5. Kaan wali deewar


Had it not been for this wall, the conspiracy of any family member or the antagonist would not have come to light. It’s here where the side-kick or the female lead hides behind & hears all the evil plans to notify the Hero just in time for him to save the world from the evil plans.


6. The Memory Wall

ezgif.com-optimize (2)

When all is lost, this wall plays found. From parents to children to long lost love, this wall holds the key to all questions and plays a pivotal role in a happy ending & taking the movie to its logical(?) conclusion



  1. The secret Wall


No villains den is complete without it. At the push of a button, it gives way to a secret cellar where all the evil plans are hatched. They can also be accidentally discovered by an unassuming character in the film & meet their untimely death at the hands of the villain

Need more? head to www.deewarist.com to know how walls can be made more fun