Decals vs wallpapers. How are they different?

Choose the right wall makeover with these handy tips:

Wall decals and wallpapers offer different solutions & fulfil different purposes when it comes to your wall decor. Here are some of the key differences to keep in mind when you plan that next home make-over

  1. Purpose: a wallpaper as the name suggest, covers your entire wall. A wall decal on the other hand covers only the design area & the rest is your actual wall. In case you want to highlight a particular wall aesthetically and not cover it entirely, then wall decal is your go-to-option. On other hand, if you want to cover the wall, then wallpaper would suit your requirement better

Deewarist-Lord Shiva


  1. Size: Basis the size of the wall, you can decide the size of a decal that highlights your wall perfectly. You can choose from small, medium, large sizes to get that perfect look for your wall. Again in the case of a wallpaper you would need to go in for covering the entire wall. also, if there are spaces above tables & book shelves that you need to make-over, then a simple wall decal can be used to highlight them than going in for the entire wall.




  1. Cost-effective: With customization, you can now keep the cost under control by choosing the exact size of the decal which suits your wall. In case you are looking for the ideal proportion, Just take the measurement of your wall & choose not to cover more than 50% of the area in width or height (whichever is higher)


  1. Application: You can be an active participant in your home makeover with wall decals & its easy to apply technique. Moreover, in case of decals with individual elements (such as leaves or flowers) you can choose to place them as per your choice depending on how you want your kids room or living room to look like. Thus, giving you greater control.

Deewarist-Kids Room


  1. Customization: In the case of a wall decal, you can team it up with wall clocks, wall arts, frames & other elements. So, the design would actually amalgamate beautifully with the wall and also act from a utility perspective when it comes to the overall theme of the wall.



So, there you are. How your wall decals are different from wallpapers. Got anything more to add? Do leave your feedback/notes in the comments section below

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