About Us

How to install a Wall Decal?

We are Deewarist – the wall whisperers, a 5 year old Pune based company with a presence in Hyderabad & believe in providing an alternate & exciting solution to usual plain Jane walls. Want solutions which highlight your walls with your thoughts? Then you are at the right place.

At Deewarist -

We give your house the look which reflects your thought, moods, and dream.

We take one single germ of an idea which stems in you & give it a life of its own on your walls.

Make it a visual which reflects you, that makes your place look exclusive to you, which speaks your language.

So, go ahead choose from a range of wall decals, wall clocks, arts & crafts or lamps and give your home your desired look.


What we do?

 Wall Decals – Ranging from spiritual, adventure, Kids, Musical & floral themes, be spoilt for choice to give your walls that exquisite look that’s close to your heart. Also, since they are easy to apply, you do not even require any expert to do the application. So transform your walls in 3 simple steps:

1.     Order your favourite design & receive it via courier

2.      Watch a 1 min application video

3.     And you are good to go ahead & transform your walls

Canvas Prints – Choose from landscapes, get lost in peaceful horizons or explore your spiritual side with canvas Print. You can also get them customized for an extra Fee. The designs come mounted on a frame so they are good to adorn your walls the moment you receive them

Lamps – Bored of the same old look? Explore your funkier side with LED night lamps. Awesome to look at & enough to guide you at night, now you can have your favourite superhero look after you or a peaceful art creating the perfect sleep ambience. Combine them with other room lights & you can create that exquisite pyjama party look. And yes, did we say about the superhero designs ;)

Arts & Crafts – These range from frames to quotes to reviving your favourite heroes in real & reel life. The acrylic provides a glossy finish giving it a premium look & the art comes across as exquisite thanks to the detailing that goes into it. Good for those, who are looking for decorative frames & yet quirky in nature. And yes, they are re-usable too. It doesn’t get better than this.

Wall Clocks - Need something that highlights your wall yet provides utility? Then check out our wall clocks. Ranging from nature to artistes to other interpretations from elements we come across in our daily life, they give a different perspective & are designed to go with any types of interiors. apart from the hands, they are sure to make heads turn too :)